Worth the Promise: Kevin Costner Suicide Pact

"The offspring of Boulder, CO favorites Fellow Citizens, The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact explores the realms of the locally unknown and the cosmic familiar. This entrance into drone is far from entry level. End Weekend stems from obsessions with blindfolded exploration in the auditory out lands. KCSP utilizes all of the bands raw talent with an arsenal of new equipment focused on delay and loop. Layers upon layers of mind and face melting ohms makes this a band to watch when this album drops. This album came straight from the studio and is no where near a release. Completely local, underground, and bliss." - KCSP

Yes, I could have jotted down my own thoughts, but really...I couldn't have said it better myself. The name sucked me in, and the surprising, drone-heavy beauty is worth checking out, if at least for the fact that they titled a track "Every Day Is a Daniel Day."

Kevin Costner Suicide Pact


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