Appetizers, to start.

Day 1. Let's start with the power of suggestion.

What you should be listening to right now:

1. Sound Team - Movie Monster
2. Drop The Lime - We Never Sleep
3. Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped
4. Placebo - Meds
5. The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Solider
6. SpankRock - YoYoYoYoYo
7. Justice - Waters Of Nazareth
8. Elf Power - Back To The Web
9. American Princes - Less And Less
10. AFX - Chosen Lords

The entire point of this blog is to keep the music journalist in me - that had been alive and well for five years - kicking while taking it easy with the freelance writing. Additionally, I just want to rant.

So, expect the following:
+live reviews
+open letters

In the non-music vein, I'll warn you all that I'm a fan of bikes and health via vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. Though I'm not that adept at cycling, and am currently coming over a questionable case of bronchitis/strep/allergies/laryngitis/one of the above, I'm trying to feel out Boston in regards to those two. With music, it'll be endless.

Mission: "I can promise nothing but enough sarcasm and sincerity to keep you interested. Read on."


shaun bateman said...

The problem, Vicki, with chosen lords, is that it makes it EVIDENT, like, GLARINGLY SO, how far LAPPED aphex has become in his production. i'd really rather have you say, you know, "GO LISTEN TO SOME ELECTRONICA TECHNO", or, hell, point to the new CEX album-because "chosen lords" isn't good. it's like saying listen to the new WEEZER, really.

rather ripped's a grower not a shower. so good, though.

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