Beer, Brunch, and Burning Discos

Sidenote: Inspired by friends in other cities, I must acquire a mini-megaphone. I think it would be the perfect accompainment to a bike ride (Critical Mass or not) for someone as obnoxiously loud and shameless as myself.

Anyone selling?

Additionally, I'm waiting for the MoPod(tm) from the ITP kids over at NYU's grad program to get their asses moving and finish the product; four mini-speakers worked into your bag's shoulder strap to ensure safety while biking, combined with the ability to listen to your iPod.

...Because if there's anything worth missing about the suburbs, it's the opportunity to ride with headphones.

Buuut that's about it

And as far as music, a very nice bartender (whom I think I do know) at Bukowski's in Inman Square today was playing some fantastic music. Old, Rough Trade veterans Disco Inferno's 1995 album, In Debt . Described to me as a "less aggressive Joy Division," I can see the comparison, along with an inflection of Jesus & Mary Chain's greater moments.

Definitely an excellent record for sitting out by the sidewalk in Cambridge on a hot Memorial Day weekend afternoon. Thank you, Chekvar.


Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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