Caffeine KISSes

Between college graduation and weasleing my way back into the music industry, I was a manager at New York Sports Clubs, and the woman who was my mentor, training me to eventually get my own club in the near future, was a total sociopathic biatch. She made my life miserable, which therefore made my relationship suffer. Every day with her was painful on the soul.

Nonetheless, the woman loved KISS. Old, wrinkly, and living vicariously through her teenage daughter, she tried to gain some sort of unnecessary cred by loving bands like Unwritten Law and going to CBGB's. For Halloween, however, she dressed up like Gene Simmons. It was a bit frightening.

This post it dedicated to her. KISS apparently just opened a coffee house on Myrtle Beach recently, and Gene had this to say about it:
"Every army needs food and drink and the KISS Army is no exception! Even the non-enlisted will find our treats and java rockin' good!"

So with that said...
1. KISS is absolutely insane. You can't even ridicule them as a merchandise-driven band because they really are the archetypes of making a profit off of their fanbase. But hey, whatever the truth may be they really seem to love them.
2. Carol still sucks.

I'll take a Gold Demon Dark Roast and a Platinum British Toffee Invasion Rockuccino...do you have soy?

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