Rather Remarkable

God DAMN this Sonic Youth album is good. Ready for release this Tuesday, one of the oldest bands in the alternative rock scene (well, that's what they were called during the 90s...now, what? Are we back to indie rock?) is putting forth Rather Ripped - twelve tracks of utter bliss. I personally hold it against myself that it's taken me about five weeks to "getting around to listening to this record." My next album: Rather Lame.

Though I prefer Thurston to Kim, vocally, "Jams Run Free" is a lullabye that makes me think of Kim Gordon's punk rock explosions when the band were louder and thrashier than their last few records, but translated into the more mature, accessible sound that Sonic Youth has developed over time. "Incinerate" is undeniably strong, and with the summer solstice less than two weeks away it couldn't have had better timing. In "Sleepin' Around," Thurston asks "...all over town, what will the neighbors say?" as he follows the bass along for the melody. Plus...oh...Sonic youth guitar solo: it's like being in a dressing room, and find money in the pocket of an unpurchased article. "The Neutral" - with guitar distortion Billy Corgan would bite his lip over and Nico-soft vocals - is one of the best on the album.

"Okay now, everybody, get in height order. Thurston, wait, you go in the middle again..."

I haven't been this excited over a Sonic Youth album in possibly forever. That's a long damn time. They'll be returning to Boston in early September with the Flaming Lips. Finally, I can love them for more than the fact that they used a painting by my favorite artist for the cover of their sixth record, Daydream Nation. I think it's time to embrace the twenty or so years that I've missed out on being an attentive Sonic Youth fan.

As for the tour, there are so many goddamn dates, that you're better off going here and saving me some interface on the blog. Old bones, you know?

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