Advanced Warning: In Black And White

I particularly love coming across music that reminds me of the kind of punk-emo amalgam that thrived in the 1990s (i.e. Inside) before it turned into a verse-chorus-verse mainstream. Bands with demos, or nothing more than just their practice space recordings are always welcomed onto my stereo. "Thermocline" and "Air Of The City" brought me right back to that time and place. Boston's In Black And White are four guys who love their tofu buffalo wings, good beer, and their band. I'm sold.

The release of their full-length will be coming out sometime in September, after a patched together tour that will include ABC No Rio in New York. Their practice space sessions reminisce Cap 'n Jazz and The White Octave in the best of ways. I'm hoping that the new record will offer something new, but the nostalgia I get from their four tracks are enough to get me through the summer.

Myspace: In Black And White


Queen of Sheba said...

Funny--got a random email from a short-films company about the one set in Allston; if I'm not mistaken, the frontman for In Black & White is the tourguide.

Anonymous said...

yeah, thats definitely kaleb...and there's also a brief clip of us in our old practice space in cambridge in that video as well...