Out Of Ice

I won't give away which big, glossy publication this is, but I will say that this is, by far, the greatest out-of-office auto reply I've ever received in e-mail:

Subj: Out of Office

That said, I will be checking e-mail periodically. If you have an emergency, call *beep*. If *beep* doesn't pick up, dial *beep*. If *beep*'s away, you're in deep trouble. Both *beep* and *beep* are notoriously unreliable. Don't hold it against them. They didn't ask for any of this. It's their uncle's fault for stealing their Star Wars collectibles during a casual visit and hawking them on eBay back in 2002. Everything's been weird since. Life's hard, but you knew that.

Oh, and quickly, during my trip from Boston to New York and back over the weekend, I really (still) could not stop listening to The Field's new EP, Sun & Ice...particularly "Over The Ice."

(Lest we forget that The Field is a moniker for Axel Willner...Axel. A name like that means you should give it a go.)

Buy it: Boomkat
Read about it: Resonator
Audible: The Field - "Thought Vs. Action" (this is from their other release Things Keep Falling Down...I'm going to be a total asshole and state that if you don't like this song, then you just don't get it...yet...so LISTEN!)


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