Where Is My Curly Fry?

I'm deleriously tired, but I have something to say...and with this one comment I will lose all respect from just about every friend with good music taste.

That new AFI album? Decemberunderground?...

I love it.


So far? All of it. Every damn song. Especially the single, "Miss Murder." I gave it a rave review. I love this album to bits regardless of how tepid Sing The Sorrow was and how much I've missed "Through! Our Bleeding! We! Are One!"

I love everything about this album, including the stupid *beep*boop*beep* of the phone pad in "Summer Shudder."

So maybe it is "Fuck You Mom-core," as Boston's Weekly Dig so gracefully put it. I think they also referred to the albums twelve tracks as "shit covered AIDS nuggets"...something like that. Regardless, yeah. It's good. And I'm actually sad to: (a) be missing Warped Tour (b) have missed them when they headlined in Boston and (c) have walked off when they began their headlining set at this year's Bamboozle. I left to go talk to a drummer who is completely full of himself. Whatever.

Anyway, I had to come clean. Now I can rest easy, and wake up tomorrow ready to face the consequences...

heyyyyyy miss murder can iiiiiiiiiiii
heyyyyyy miss murder can iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
maaaaaaaake beauty stay if iiiiiii
take my liiiiiiiiiiiiiife

woah oh ohhhhhhhhh

Admit it, "The Missing Frame" = U2 for the Hot Topic generation

Website: http://www.afireinside.net


J to the you ess tee eye enn said...

You are so lame.
And by lame I mean awesome.

I am tempted to give this another spin, but I've always found AFI extremely tepid and overrated. So maybe now that everyone hates their new stuff I'll like it.

guile said...

you've got good taste in music :)..