Humility Is Saying Whoops!

Allow me a moment to swallow my pride.

Since my adventures on the west coast it's been such a hassle to catch up at work that I've found enough time to update the blog (though, still, not to my liking in terms of frequency), but have completely been unable to check my e-mail.

This will now totally change, as upon hearing about Mr. Exitfare's interview with the Boston Globe in regards to his blog, and my teasing him for it (we spend 45+ hours in the same room every week, it's quite unfortunate), I signed on to the account tonight, finally, to find an e-mail from the same writer dated August 7th.

Allow me...

That would have been a fantastic opportunity for me to run my mouth about music journalism, publicity, and the blogosphere, which is consistently amorphous and questionably influential. Regardless, I'm glad to be a part of it, and having missed an opportunity to publish my opinion elsewhere is worse than being silenced by someone else.

If I didn't think so, then why would I be blogging?

So, with that, I'll leave off with the sentiment, in my usual tone of disdain and semi-bitterness....fuuucking hell!

In other news, to leave you with something, this is one of the strangest things I've have ever heard (of).

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