Onward, Charles!

The blog title was so close to having an applicable title, but alas, my name is not Charles. (Though being a girl named Charles would be an interesting...nevermind.) I will be returning to my New York origins for some of the most spectacular music events of the millennium...sort of.

8/31 Ellen Allien + Apparat @ Hiro Ballroom, Manhattan
9/01 several possibilities...
9/02 Trouble & Bass NYC @ Boogaloo, Brooklyn (w/ Drop The Lime)
9/03 Spank Rock @ McCarren Pool, Brooklyn

Somewhere in the midst of that I will be having lunch with my mom, eating at Foodswings at least once, and sending off the summer with the five year old tradition of tofu pad thai from Spice on the steps of Union Square Park.

Lodging provided by the best friend, who holds down the NY fort while I reside in Bostonia...

Any suggestions for Friday night music, send them my way!

Borrowing some bandwith from the Exitfare "Alliance" - who likes to slack off at work by updating his blog and hacking away at his coworker's egos - I share with you a great end-of-summer mix. Because baby, it's getting goddamn cold outside...

Audible: DJ Never Forget - "Going To Work"

My advance apologies for bandwith thievery, KRLX...
Audible: Ellen Allien + Apparat - "Turbo Dreams"
Audible: Ellen Allien + Apparat - "Way Out"

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