The Legend Doesn't "Play" Out

Frank Lorber's latest release, Play has been plaguing me for weeks. As a German DJ that has been in the scene for fifteen years, there are so many facets of his career that make me want to enjoy his every manipulative build in the album's thirteen tracks. Released on the haunting 06.06.06, Play's first track, a remix of "Falling Up," has elements that should appeal. Creepy, distorted high-ends atop the subtle oontz-oontz that carries the song from start to finish.

Maybe it's the absence of a club setting that dulls the record's shine, but it leaves itself unlistenable about halfway through. I can't see how this can grow on me any further than it already has. Ultimately, there's this glaring disconnect that's apparent throughout the record. There's a strong connection to Kompakt and Ghostly International here, too, but...nope. Nothing. Personally, my tastes are closer to the more emotional swells of electronic music, which has lead me to develop a 9 month and then some obsession with Ellen Allien's last two records. There's also the glory of Spank Rock and Drop The Lime that integrate so much into their dancefloor intentions.

Or, well, it could be the fact that I'm not European. Honestly, this kind of thing makes a difference when it comes to techno music. I am,nonetheless, very interested in checking out his label's roster - Nummer Schallplatten. The label was created in 2003 after Lorber spent a decade of DJing. Surely there must be some hidden treasures...

Website: http://www.franklorber.de

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