Bahhston Pahhlitics

The best at mocking the Boston accent are the Bostonians themselves. I love it.

Post-Election Day, the dude I voted for governor has won, and packies will still be carrying all of your favorite booze. A few weeks ago, I'd copied and pasted a piece about "Question 1" (whether or not convenience stores and/or supermarkets could or should carry wine and beer) into a MySpace bulletin. To my embarrassment, the truth is that I read about the first three lines of the lengthy post before putting it up with the subject "Bring More Booze To Boston!" with the obvious implication of advocating Question 1.


I live in Mission Hill, so the booze runs plentiful, and already having a plethora of liquor stores and bars doesn't really elicit a reaction of "omfg we need Stop & Shop to have crap wine too!" The scare was that bringing wine and beer to convenience stores would have been big trouble for little mom n' pop shops.

A little more on this here.

And though I said I'm behind Deval Patrick, here is a bag of mixed reactions.

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