Death Before Decaf: Sleep When You're Dead

There are few things I will say I can do better than most, but making a pot of orgasmic coffee is no hyperbole. I have many times considered quitting coffee along with my other vices, but that day will never come. I love coffee beyond the drink itself, but am majorly bound to it by the fact that what I produce in my french press is something that would warm the heart of the pickiest addicts.

But enough of my love for coffee...that can go on forever and ever. This post began on Friday morning, but has taken me all the way to Sunday to completely simply because the weekend has been flooded with sleep, coffee, booze, and coffee. For these reasons, I bring you Death Before Decaf.

When armored with the craptastic weather of Boston as it gets colder and darker in addition to the inheritance of someone else's synths and keys, musicians that already have their fingers in countless other projects could easily create something that borders somewhere between the gag and the genius. Death Before Decaf, still in its infancy, is both by being neither entirely.

MySpace: http://myspace.com/deathbe4decaf

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