"The Saddam Video"

Well, well, a very happy new year to you, Boston and beyond. It seems that New Year's festivities and returning to work took up a lot of time, but here are a few things going down.

SPIN says it with more eloquence than I could:
As most the world's population kissed 2006 goodbye and toasted glasses of champagne Sunday night, Saddam Hussein climbed a steel staircase at a U.S. military base and prepared to meet his death at the end of a rope. But amidst the chanting ridicule and well-secured dungeon like gallows no one suspected that a cell phone wielding supervisor would capture the late dictator's final moments of life. Just hours post execution bloggers couldn't believe their eyes as they were handed front row seats to the death of one of the world's most notorious figures.

It's interesting how so much anger was firing in the US when Al Jazeera aired the execution of Daniel Pearl, and now every US channel is airing the Saddam hanging. I'm not surprised that it's blown up, but the fact that someone snuck their cellphone to take a video brings the fingers to the scalp. Scratch, scratch, scratch. Nonetheless, it's a bit horrifying to watch the first time, but what scares me the most is what will come in the future from his fanatic devotees.

More music to be posted about later today. Under house arrest with a sprained foot, so there's much catching up to do. Now that it's noon, that means it's time for...morning coffee.

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