Can I Just...

Look, I know posting like this is really no fair, but I'm in a rush. I just want you to all know that I really, really, really loved the last Total 7. I have such a boner for Bpitch Control that I sometimes forget all about Kompakt Records & Distro.

I think listening to this record makes me realize, even more, how sad I am to be missing all of these fabulous parties over in Europe. I was really loving Gui Boratto and Giorgios Gratzigristos (moreso because he's Greek, I think...) and the Supermayer Mix of "I Like You" is lovely.

Ok, enough nerdy praise. My iPod is tired.

Audible: Gui Boratto - "I Like You (Supermayer Mix)" (yousendit)
Website: http://www.kompakt-net.com/
MySpace: www.myspace.com/guiboratto

Oh oh oh! AND check out HUG. Yuh huh...

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