Sascha Funke .::. Vive Le France!

Warm and enveloping, Sascha Funke's newest single on Bpitch is everything and more. "Auf Aix," the A-Side is hypnotic, but it's "Ey" that has the medicinal effect that minimal techno has been known to have. It's a beautiful elixir of floating beats that transfer from one headphone to another like water in a bottle that's being sesawed from side to side at a steady pace. Slow and calm, the bare track itself is very danceable. The tinnier beats are snuck in almost unnoticed, regardless of their prominence.

Not to knock "Auf Aix," though, and make it seem at all secondary to "Ey." The latter is undoubtedly a B-Side in its mere composition. "Auf Aix" is so beyond remix-worthy, and best played with fancy headphones and a hot finger on the volume knob. Close your eyes - new places, surroundings, and experiences will bring about such creativity. As a means to avoid the harsh winter of Berlin, Funke and labelmate Paul Kalkbrenner picked up and moved to Aix-En-Provence in Southern France. Lucky bastards. Out Monday...

Audible: Sascha Funke - "Ey" (YSI)
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/saschafunke

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