Teletextile Readies Debut Album

It's been a busy year for Pamela Martinez. One year ago, she was still living in Boston getting her masters in library science at Simmons College. Fast forward 12 months and she's already relocated to pursue her calling of music full-time - picked up and moved to Detroit en route to New York City - and upgraded from performing under her name to the band moniker of Teletextile with Brian Hamilton (Bon Savants).

Raised in Austin, TX for the most part, Pamela came to Boston to pursue schooling and music, and became an important part of the local arts scene. Pegged sometimes as the American answer to Bjork, she is anything but a replica of the Icelandic musician - Pamela's violin and piano talents resound throughout her records and live performances, almost keeping up with the powerful volume of her heart-felt voice.

So, what to assume? Gorgeous female fronting a band with violin, piano, electronics, cello, and the occasional drummer...this is not Lillith Fair material. It's so much bigger, appealing, and unisexual than the indie rock dishes you've been served. Come Hungry.

Full-length coming Spring 2007.

Audible: Teletextile - "Heartquake (Demo Version)" (YSI)
MySpace: http://myspace.com/teletextile

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