Trent Reznor's Crystal Ball

By now, you've heard "My Violent Heart," the first song to surface from Nine Inch Nail's upcoming release, Year Zero. Apparently left on a flash drive in a men's bathroom stall at a recent concert in Lisbon, the song has been absolutely EXPLODING all over the Internet. Noise For Toaster and Mistaker got on that right away, and I decided to hold off since it wasn't going to be all that exclusive.

With the hopes of beating a few to the punch, and offering the world another serving of NIN, I bring you a best-as-you-can-hope-for rip of "Survivalism" - the first single off of Year Zero. I have to say that despite the fact that I did love With Teeth and The Fragile, these two songs have gotten me very excited for Year Zero's release. I anticipate a lot of viral marketing to coincide with the theme of the record...an infantile, post-apocalyptic world in which we all live in paranoia. No more fear...no more freedom.

One of my favorite musicians of all time, Trent Reznor never truly disappoints. To be astounded, though, by someone whose art you respect so very much...that is priceless.

Audible: Nine Inch Nails - "Survivalism" (YSI) thank you, chris <3
Website: http://www.nin.com

Important Links

1. This message board thread goes further in depth about the "websites from the future" that surround the album's theme.

2. MTV News piece about the forthcoming record.

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natthe said...

I know what you mean about liking With Teeth and The Fragile but being quite excited about Year Zero. There's something different about these songs. Oh and thanks.