Justice Will Be Served Hot.

If you'll be at Coachella next weekend, you'll have an opportunity to catch French duo Justice. More well-known for their remixes, their full-length debut is about to drop on Vice Records in July. I've been blessed with the accessibility of hearing it in its entirety on a watermarked record (Vice is craaazy about that shit) with a good pair of headphones here on my iMac.

Title of the album =

(Yeah, I know, right?)

Nevertheless, I can assure you that with the last 18 months of Justice hype mixed with the sentiments revolving around their Waters Of Nazareth EP, there have been a lot of doubts as to whether or not the LP will meet our expectations.

Upon second listen, I have to say they surpassed mine. The opening track, "Genesis,", is laid heavy with funk to where the cautious finger-plucking on the thick bass arouse the question of how much organic recording went into this record. By the first track's transition into the second, it hits you. You're locked in by the time "D.A.N.C.E." picks up where "Let There Be Light" left off, and Uffie's delicious request to get this party started right on "The Party" are met with occassional blips of 36Mafia's "Stay Fly." Got to love it <3

My favorite, though, has to be the closer, "One Minute To Midnight." The first thing that turned me off when I heard the new Justice tracks was that the pace had been slowed down considerably. I feared the new Justice record would be boring, and put an end to the maintained level of popularity Justice had been riding.

Ultimately, that's the beauty of - there's so much thought and effort put into this record, and I dare compare it to that of a sculptor who can make something really goddamn beautiful out of a hunk of marble.

Everything's going to change. Get ready.

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