LCD Soundsystem at Avalon / Thunderdome. Flosstradomus. Holy Moley...

James Murphy is a busy man, and over the years he's seen a lot. "I was there in 1968. I was at the first Can show in Cologne," he says before declaring the song's title, "I'm losing my edge." He was also there in 1974 at the first Suicide practices in a loft in NYC. "I was the first guy playing Daft Punk to the rock kids. I palyed it at CBGB's. Everybody thought I was crazy." Since launching the DFA record label (2001) that acts more like a collective than a business, he and partner Tim Sweeney have been launching the careers of bands like The Rapture, Hot Chip, and Black Dice.

Since the release of Murphys' self-titled effort under his moniker of LCD Soundsystem in early 2005, his remixes and production skills have been brought to the front of the line, and his taste has been regarded as one of the highest. Still, the New Jersey expat's sharp wit is intact - as you can see here in his self-written bio - and his most recent performance at Coachella not two weeks ago had indie industry buffs' heads spinning in aftershock. Arriving at Avalon this Friday to perform everything under his sun, including songs from his new release, Sound of Silver, it'll likely be a lesson in music history in addition Murphy's unique mix of dance-punk.

Opening will be YACHT, the solo project of Jona Bechtolt, who makes up 1/2 of Portland, Oregon's The Blow. He'll return with his bandmate, Khaela Maricich, for the latter's show at Paradise on May 16th.

$20 (worth it!)
6pm doors
7pm show
Avalon on Landsdowne St.

Website: LCD Soundsystem
Audio Stream: LCD Soundsystem - "North American Scum (Kris Menace Remix)"
Audio Stream: LCD Soundsystem - "North American Scum (Onastic Dub)"
Audio Stream: LCD Soundsystem - "North American Scum (Radio Edit)"

ALSO...don't forget your after-party options. LCD's gonna end in the earrrrls:


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