Capitol Hill Block Party: Day Two & Daft OMG Punk

I love Seattle, I do. If I didn't love Boston so much more, I'd probably be ordering moving boxes to be shipped to my Mission Hill apartment, and booking my one-way ticket. Aside from the glory of Top Pot doughnuts, cheap drinks, and a gorgeous skyline, the music from this town is simply matchless. I'm currently listening to the forthcoming Voyager One record, Afterhours In The Afterlife, and reminiscing from the second and final day of the Capitol Hill Block Party.

I'll say this - Against Me! had the most apeshit crowd of both days, and Spoon's set was as spotless as their song-writing. Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground is a local ten piece that I'm going to look into much much more once I return to my "headquarters," and The Cave Singers (with ex-Hint Hint, ex-Murder City Devils) and Grand Archives (.5 of Band Of Horses) were simply awesome. (Descriptive, I know).

All in all, I am terribly exhausted, but nothing can prepare me for...DAFT PUUUUUNNNKKK! Making the great voyage with many other folks from Boston to Keyspan Park in 2 weeks, my great fortune of seeing them this Sunday is complete insanity.


Read Eric Grandy (a.k.a. DJ Fuckin' In The Streets) professing his love to the DP from this week's issue of The Stranger.

Digital Love: The Enduring Appeal of Daft Punk

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