Sao Paolo : Bijari

For the last 11 years, ten artists from Sao Paolo, Brazil, have been working together digital art that speaks volumes about their culture and views on the world around them. Considered VJs and Multi-Media artists, they are respected throughout their country and have also worked on hi-profile projects such as Nike, Red Bull, Heineken, etc.

One of their more recent banners, hanging in Sao Pao is this:

Reads: "We have alcohol (ethanol) to sell and give you", the second line you can read yourselves. (Thanks to Ari, a.k.a. the lovely DJ Volvox of Boston, for this.)

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/bijari

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2b said...

I checked out that MySpace and the video to go along with that is great. Great tune. Thanks for the post.