Village Voice Siren Festival / Matt & Kim For The Win!

I wouldn't call myself a Naysayer, but in all honesty I am one of the folks who responds to the "So, how was Siren Fest?" questions with "Well, it's really not as good as it was two or three years ago..." To an extent, there's a heavy dose of truth in that, but there are times when it's really worth it - like seeing Matt & Kim sweat in excitement because they've never played to thousands of people at Coney Island...down the street from where they live. The newest (and most sincere) of indie rock darlings, the duo have earned their cred, and their live performance was nothing short of fulfilling. Best part was the stage banters, and "5K."

The crowd loved it:

Well, maybe not the guy in the visor, but when you're wearing a stupid visor like that, how can you really enjoy anything?

Let's not forget the setting of this year's Siren Festival (you know, 'cuz it's not like it changes locations every year...) - Coney Island. Anticipating the tear-down of the amusement park with great fear, locals made it out to ride the rickety Cyclone with warm hearts, and to dip their feet in the water (watch out for the glass!)

If they hold this again next year, be sure to go. It's always worth the trip, despite the fact that PBR's are four fricking dollars :-O

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