One Man Leaves, A Community Thrives

There's a lot to say about David Day, but even more now that he's departing from seven fine years of turning a college rock town into a big dance party. With the passing of the Basstown torch, the Nicky Digital outpost, and the memory of a righteous art loft that housed the making of what will be an incredible film, much will be left behind, and Basstown will live on. Etched in cyber-stone proof is here, proving how New York and San Francisco - with Detroit and Chicago joining in - are the meccas of techno in a country where electronic music has had rough history, Boston will grow up to be the ugly duckling that just might explode within the next year or so.

And, uhh, I'm not sure how to segue this in, so I'm just going to say: BALTIMORODER IS THE GREATEST DJ IN ALL OF BOSTON RIGHT NOW.

So, as it goes, I suppose going on an on about the memories and future plans is pointless now. If you want to read about the history in the making, go David's directory on the Boston Phoenix website. For the future, keep your eyes open...Basstown has arrived, and we've signed a lifelong lease.

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/basstownpresents


aaron said...

Boston is an almost a barren wasteland for dance/electro/good house/etc and it makes me sad.

Yo Majesty w/ Heartthrob makes me happy though.

Aaron/BBC™ said...

Different Aaron here: OC + Basstown makes me happy. I see great things on the horizon.