Dragons Of Zynth-ynth-ynth-ynth

Who doesn't love TV On The Radio? Though this is a very valid question, it was also my first thought upon FINALLY giving in to Dragons Of Zynth, a band that I've been hearing about on the Interblogz, but have avoided because something about the name just turned me off. Upon first listen to any band, I immediately tend to fall into the gap of Hmm, who does this sound like? I was, if anything, proud of myself for undoubtedly thinking TVotR, but rather than pat myself on the back, here are the facts: with DoZ's LP coming out soon, it is of note that it was produced by TVotR member David Andrew Sitek, who has gained most of his cred from producing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' finer moments. Coronation Thieves is out October 2nd, and based out of Cleveland they do have a very pure art-rock sound that combines the craftiness of Brooklyn cracks and corners with the unmistakable self-control of midwestern noise bands.

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/dragonsofzynth

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