Links Express : Choo Choooo!

+ Jason Anfinsen, The Tripwire's most interesting wordsmith, wrote a lengthy but thorough review of the new Black Lips record. I'm not a fan, but I'm trying - not so much to like it, but to "get it." [read more...]

+ Basstown, Sinden and the ever-wonderful Hearthrob are bringing Graeme Sinden to the Middlesex Lounge tomorrow night. First time in Boston! This will be awesome. [read more...]

+ Kyle Brandse is a local graphic designer who makes some of the most mind-melting fliers out there. Consider him for your next gig - I've never seen work like this before. [read more...]

+ Patton Oswalt - our new dirty-mouthed stand-up comedian Jesus - is coming to the Roxy on October 25th. With him will be Brian Posehn (watch this video!), Maria Bamford, Eugene Mirman. [read more...]

+ Michael Brodeur has departed from Boston's Weekly Dig. I'm actually really disturbed by this...Brodeur IS the Dig, if you ask me. So, now what? [read more...]

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