Plushgun : Pleasant Surprises

"Plushgun is a beautiful mix of indie rock sound with high-voltage electronic backbeats. Created entirely by the 23 year old New York based trained classical composer who lives, sleeps and records everything in a tiny 8 by 5 closet/bedroom that has no windows or ventilation. The isolation and cramped space does not seem to have cramped Plushgun's musical stylings though. With a voice born to croon over these beautiful orchestrated tunes that seems to come from a soul much older than his 23 years, Plushgun will definitely be on my radar for a long time to come and should be on yours too." - From Yourstandardlife.com

You know...sometimes other people just say it better. Dan, the genius in question, e-mailed me to introduce himself and offer both an mp3 and an invite to Plushgun's premiere show - Thursday, 09.27, at The Bitter End in NYC - and I am just, well, wowed.

Listen for yourself.

Audible: Plushgun - "Just Impolite"
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/plushgun

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