I <3 Teh Internetz0rz

I love the Internet. It saddens me that Burma and Nepal are experiencing a region-wide Internet shutdown due to its governments, but I also know that my ability to really empathize and understand what sort of a social climate is going on there is so far. We, as Americans, are far more privileged on the Internet, regardless of how much further we have to come.

+DJ Rupture discusses the recent shutdown of OiNK [here]

But as far as social networking sites and aggregator/bookmark sites that enable users to note, clip, share, edit and add...well, it just makes my world go round.

Netvibes: the only "desktop" you'll ever need
Yelp: addictive, everything Yahoo! Yellow Pages wished it were
Picnik: aside from designers, photographers and other pro's, no light-user/blogger needs to worry about pirating Photoshop ever again!
Flickr: It's just wonderful, but hard to love it so when, like me, your digital camera is dead
Twitter: because your ego - the part of it that believes that your every insignificant thought or fancy is relevant - needs to be stroked sometimes
Google: was going to say Gmail, but that'd be ruling out Documents, Alerts, Images and the almighty Calendar

That's about it. I'd recommend subscribing to Rupture on Netvibes. Netvibes, netvibes, netvibes...

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