Godspeed You! Black Emperor Break Up

The first and only time I've ever seen Canada's Godspeed You! Black Emperor it was an exhausting event. Meant in an entirely positive way, the catharsis and emotive atmosphere of their sold out Bowery Ballroom show years ago was an experience I'll hardly forget. In fact, my sobriety was completely intact and the show was mesmerizing from start to finish. They gave out a manifesto at that show, one about their mission and war and finding peace within ourselves and with others. It was on my fridge for some time, and converted several people over to their music from simply coming over my apartment and reading it en route to getting a beer.

But now, due to conclusions about the Iraq war, the band has decided to call it quits. You can check out the entire story...or all that we know for now at Drowned In Sound.

Story: GY!BE split
MySpace: Godspeed You! Black Emperor

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All Evolve said...

fuck. that sucks.