Speaking In Code

This is a long time coming. For years now, I've been hearing about what I'd already declared my favorite film of all time. Having been fortunate enough to see a raw screening several months ago with 4 other people, Speaking In Code - a film by Amy Grill that features David Day, Philip Sherburne and a vast array of genius within the techno genre in the last 15 years - surpassed all expectations. I wanted a film that would be an absolute apex of what electronic music means to me as well as everyone else. That inexplicable element of unity that surges through everyone a part of passionate music scenes (be it punk, techno and others) is indescribable, but Amy Grill has been able to capture enough and encapsulate it into a full-length documentary; an incredible story.

After the film, we will be partying our asses off at the Middlesex Lounge where Make It New - the greatest party on the planet Earth - will commence 'til 2am. After that, who knows? :)

For more information on the world premiere later today, and how to get tickets and attend, please check out the Facebook page here.

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