I don't purchase many books or CDs anymore, and that is due to the fact that I move often. My CD and (later, additionally) books collections have always been very important to me. If I had "all the money in the world" I'd have libraries in my apartments...as I'd purchase several of modest sizes in a handful of my favorite cities.

When I buy a book or CD, it's often a big deal now because I think of it as something that sucks of space - a few more ounces to add to the heavy load I need to carry around or a few more inches of matter I need to fit into some shelf somewhere. Still, there are some things I could never part with, and one is Banned in DC. Now with Grunge coming out, I am as excited as ever to own it, and I will wait to go to my favorite bookstore to get my hands on it, rather than to order it and check the mailbox on a daily basis.

I love everything about American punk and grunge subcultures. I often wish I was just five years older so I would not have been experiencing the height of them all from a sheltered suburban town right after the onset of puberty, but thems the breaks. Either way, there is no real reason why this book shouldn't be purchased, and if you don't want to wait then you can go straight to Amazon and do some damage.

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