When Reviews Work: FADER & Rowan's Creek Bourbon

"I first drank bourbon in high school when a friend's older sister fulfilled our request for 'something cheap' by buying a half-gallon of Old Crow. We enthusiastically shot it down, chasing with potato chips and ca-cawing into the night. The next morning felt like we'd been roofied by truck drivers in a Cracker Barrel, and I promised myself from then on to always be more considerate when purchasing bourbon. I've found my favorite bourbons are always smooth and slightly sweet but Rowan's is so smooth and its sweetness so subtle and deep that it almost seems like it was custom made for me by an old Kentucky grandma with a disdain for truck stops, bad whiskey and hangovers for her baby boy. I love you, imaginary Mee-Maw." - Pete Macia, issue 67 of FADER

Every once in a while, I read a product review and am totally sold. I've always respected Pete as a writer and FADER as a magazine, but this just took the cake. I will probably buy a bottle of Rowan's Creek based on the hilarity of this review. (Hey RC! Feel free to send over a bottle to the Onward Charles headquarters!)

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