Cliffs To Tassels On A Rainy Day

Although I've glanced romantically at my bike each time the sun has come out today, my stubbornness to stay inside has been hacked, repeatedly, the thunderstorms that Boston is undergoing today. Additionally, rest is a good plan, as recovery from hangovers and late nights are in order.

Therefore I've stayed away from most things in the blogosphere; visited no record stores, and checked no music news. I have, however, been listening to Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works, Volume 2 while quarantining myself to my kitchen to make the following vegan goods, from scratch:

1. Cumin spice bread
2. Oatmeal-banana milk
3. Quinoa (which turned into...)
4. Rustic Yam & Quinoa salad

No means of caffeine can help, today. And that's fine. It's a day particularly for NPR or this Aphex Twin double-album. I was moments from listening to Botch, but quickly realized that thunderstorms + baking + leftover hangover were a cause for celebration.

IDM party!

And if you're going to sample this album, focus on "rhubarb" - the best of the discs.
And yes, this will evolve into an mp3 blog. Patience, grasshopper.

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