Cuts Across My Brain

Happy Birthday to N.Cigs/Faust of the Arlington-based grindcore outfit, The Taste Of Silver. Quarter-century killer!

Definitely many good birthdays this week. August must be a good month for awesome people to get it on...

So Mr. Exitfare and I went out last nite with the intentions of making our way to either The Pill for my first Boston dance party or an abandoned church for a dance party that was apparently powered by a generator.

But neither happened, as in the mix of talking about everything from the current blogosphere to the embarrasing things we did as budding writers in 8th grade, we just got completely wasted until The Silhouette kicked us out. Additionally, it had been a long time since I'd walked around in a city at 2am drinking a beer with no regard or trying to hide it.

Two main points:

1. The Duke Spirit's, Cuts Across The Land is a great record. A la old PJ Harvey, singer Liela Moss has one of the best female voices I've heard in a long time. "Love Is An Unfamiliar" name is brilliant, and their live performance is generally one of the best I've seen in Boston considering there were not nearly enough people at TT the Bear's. The UK band adds a lot of soul into the heart of the rock n' roll that they play, which is apparent throughout the entirety of their very versatile and cohesive debut album. "You Were Born Inside My Heart" is probably their best, now that I've gotten over the initial "Love Is An Unfamiliar Name" obsession. Another fantastic track: "Bottom Of the Sea."

2. I don't remember the last time I woke up wearing my sneakers, in addition to everything else. Yes, I was that drunk. The subject of this post is not a coincidence.


shaun bateman said...

the duke spirit is boring as shit.

Dany said...

great band, great album. saw them three times in march and really, it wasn't enough