Mish-Mash Monday Musings (McSweeney's, "Meat," and Music)

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Nine Centimetre Nails
50 Pence
98 Degrees Celsius
Tha Dogg Kilogram
Kilometres Davis

Warning: If McSweeney's is not a website that you visit on a frequent and/or daily basis, you should seriously reconsider your aspirations in life on a day-to-day basis. I advise you to immediately reorganize your web browser bookmarks. Do yourself a favor because odds are your level of sarcasm is as high as Ian McKaye.


And on a completely non-music related binge, if you're going to invest in fake meat, consider Yve's Veggie Cuisine from now until the day you die. It's all vegan, as well, and my first experience with the salami slices + spicy mustard + toasted spelt bread was a cause for celebration. I'm sold.


But of course, I have to finish off with a word about music. (An extrapolation of one of my current top ten recommendations.)

[Luca Venizia, a.k.a. Drop The Lime]

In approximately one hour, it will not only be Tuesday, May 16th, but it will also be the release date of We Never Sleep by New York born 'n raised Drop The Lime. Coming out on Tigerbeat6 - the label project of electronic sweetheart, Kid606 - it's a release I'm very excited about, given that it's been about five or six years since a record of this genre has made me care as much as the first, second, and every following occassion that I've played We Never Sleep. In the car, on the treadmill, going to sleep, waking up, breathing in, breathing out...

Drop The Lime - "Wake Up Call"



Luke said...

You know, if the British had won the Revolutionary War and held onto more of their empire, I doubt they'd have ever accepted the metric system that was invented by the French. They HATE the French. Yes, I am a huge dork.

Onward Charles said...

Aren't you partially both? That's grounds for internal conflict/struggle.

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