Blame Canada

There has been some negative criticism regarding the most recent Boards of Canada release, Trans Canada Highway. Two friends who have always shared my love for the electronic duo (Mark Sandison & Marcus Eoin) were both disappointed with the five tracks plus one remix (by 1/3 of Clouddead's Odd Nosdam), claiming that there was nothing new being offered. Additionally, Pitchfork - who once gave the re-release of their apex album, Music Has the Right To Children a perfect score - recently slammed the EP at a whopping 6.0. Granted, that's not too low for the supposed sayers of all that is Cool, but Boards have a history of constantly being at the top of the list for electronic, experimental, and innovative music composition.

Though 2002's Geogaddi is one of my favorite albums of all time, and the new EP does tend to sound quite a bit like bits and pieces of their older work (but not in that bad Prodigy "Baby's Got A Temper" joke way), it doesn't sell the duo short of their abilities. Still able to make gorgeous and unique soundscapes, Boards Of Canada have carved a place for themselves on the wall of music - one that is unique only to them. Their slow, frozen songs that climax with hopeful synths and warm strings couldn't be more beautiful. To fathom listening to this in a way that the title implies...dark, wintery nights, driving along the roads north of America...is to believe that the record can only get better the more that you allow yourself to get lost within it.

Boards Of Canada - "Skyliner"

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