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Mix equal parts Ed Handley and Andy Turner to get a tasty mixture of the IDM duo that has been at the top of noisemakers' lists for years. Ahh, Plaid. One of Warp Records' finest rosterpieces, the creative creators of albums like Not For Threes, Double Figure, and the P-Brane EP return with their first new material in three years. And it's a collaboration.

Working with video artist Bob Jaroc, the 2 + 1 musical equation will produce an answer of Greedy Baby, out June 26th. The single, "Super Positions" is out now along with an exclusive "Caretstik" - a very innovative twist on a very familiar tinge of electro beats that Plaid have strung together in the past.

You can listen to both tracks here. I'll be honest, of all the Plaid I own, I still need to get my hands (and ears!) on 2003's Parts In the Post, considering I am such a sucker for remixes. Nonetheless, the CD + DVD project collaboration will be out by June 26th. Right around the corner.

Super Positions In Bleep

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