So You Can Make Me [Listen Again] That Doesn't Make You Jesus

I was turned on to a new Tori Amos track today that was taken from her soundcheck in Bonn, Germany on June 23, 2005. This was, obviously, the tour for her most recent album, The Beekeeper, which is one of the most offensive pieces of sonic trash from one of the best musicians of the last twenty years. Fortunately, this new track, which was medlied during the check, hits around the ten minute mark, and is reminiscent of her better years (i.e. the mid 90s).

Last year - taking her piano, two organs, and Rhodes on tour for that awful album whose name we won't mention (fine, yes, there were a few good tracks) - she had apparently written a new song on June 9th, and this track appeared about two weeks later during Bonn's soundcheck.

Simply, I like the track very much. It'll take a lot more than shoddy soundcheck quality sneak peaks to earn my forgiveness again, but I'll admit that the vibe of the song reminisces parts of her ability to: sonically ramble (i.e. Icicle, Over It), create solid songs that only involve her voice and the piano, and the kind of chords that she'd often hit during the making of Under The Pink and Boys For Pele.

Back to church.

Tori Amos - New, Untitled Song

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