Usagi Chan! Menboku Nai!

It would definitely be going too far for me to say that I was "dragged" to Electric Eel Shock at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge tonight. I will admit, however, that though the show was on my agenda, I was not thinking much of it. Bigger priorities included depositing checks and dyeing my hair black (just in time for summer).

I walked in on the Japanese trio blasting through their first song, and I have to say that I was drawn in immediately. I'd gone to see Wolfmother the nite before - a rock band that got signed to a major label and is getting an unbelievable amount of press - and Electric Eel Shock completely blew me out of the water. I tell no lie - these italics are not coincidence! Truly, Electric Eel Shock was a good time.

Noteworthy stage antics include:
a. Drummer Tomoharu Ioto wearing absolutely nothing but an extremly long sock on his sack
b. Guitar/voxman Akihito Morimoto doing things to the crevice of his flying-v guitar that I'll leave to the ladies' imaginations.
c. Over-abundance of metal hand signs
d. Song with lyrics that consisted mostly of "BOSTON!....BOSTON!"
e. "I am Electric Eel Shock!...Who are YOU?!"
f. "I know who you are. I am Electric Eel Shock, and you...you are Electric! Eel! Shooooooock!"
g. Best cover of "Iron Man." Ever. Hands down.
h. "Sex, Drugs, and E-mail!"

For more tour dates, and everything else you need to know, go.
Electric Eel Shock - "Don't Say Fuck"

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robbie dee said...

i LOVE shows like that... completely unexpected sonic explosions. happened to me with melt banana a few years ago and i'll never forget it. blew my mind and nearly changed my life... temporarily. reading something like this and reminiscing about my experience makes me miss going to shows SO BAD.