Aronofsky Returns With His Third Writer/Director Piece - Yessssss.

Several days ago, the extended trailer for the newest film by Darren Aronofsky, The Fountain, was released, and it explains more about the story than both the former trailer (which was released sometime late last year) and the oversized Vertigo graphic novel (which bordered too much on the frenetic watercolor, aesthetically, and said squat about the script if you ask me). Having projects on his resume such as Pi and the Oscar-nominated, Hubert Selby Jr. novel-turned-film Requiem For A Dream as the director and sometimes writer, Aronofsky is one of the few names in film that I - someone who tries too hard to keep up with music that knowledge of any other facet of the entertainment industry is a laughable attempt - keep up with.

Additionally, Ellen Burstyn will be in this film again. She was phenomenal in Requiem, but got beat out for the Best Actress nominee by Julia Roberts for stupid Erin Brock-o-bitchwhatever.

Also, it was rumored that Brad Pitt was going to originally play the lead, but thank god he's not. Hugh Jackman will probably be a much better fit, even though I can't look at him without recalling his flamboyant gestures from Boy From Oz.

On the music side: I've heard Mogwai is joining Clint Mansell + Kronos Quartet in scoring the film. Sick.

Website: The Fountain
Quicktime Trailers: The Fountain


Queen of Sheba said...

Holy shit. I want that soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!

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