I Am Wasted I Am Ready

Fact: I am not wasted.

Fact: I fear over-sleep.

Nearing 3am, I'm still nerding up my sidebar code, and there has been no music aside from the hum of the unnecessary air conditioner for the last hour.

So much for going out and having a life...

In spirit of the great mindfuck that sleep deprivation and/or insomnia will have on you, here is a six and something-minute White Rose Movement remix that actually appears as being forty minutes long. Thanks a lot, bitrate. You goddamn jerk....

Audible: White Rose Movement - "Girls In The Back (Richard Clouston's cosey new beat mix)"


Quick news: I'm going to Seattle and Portland for the first time next week. I'm headed out specifically for the Murder City Devils, who play the Capitol Hill Block Party on Saturday. Otherwise, it's visiting friends I haven't seen, renting a car with Rachel, and stopping off in New York for a quick return before rushing back to Boston to see Page France for the five millionth time.

God damn, I love that band.

Audible: Page France - "Jesus"


Dany said...

the band stole their lyrics from the bible

Anonymous said...

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