Crimes Still A Crime

It's no pun to say that it breaks my heart to finally bear this one-woman listening party of the latest EP from Blood Brothers. Taken from their last full-length, Crimes, which I gloriously bashed in an old issue of Ghettoblaster, "Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck," has been extracted from that awful album and turned into an EP ("to hold us over until the next album," says the press release). "Ladies And Gentlemen" makes my chest well up, and my tear ducts begin to spasm out a bit. Can I even make it through all seven tracks?

photo by the very talented Rachel Leah

Please don't misunderstand - I want to love this record. Blood Brothers are a band that were near and dear to my heart. By far the only band to ever cause me to completely lose my shit in the pit. Every show they played in New York was a therapy session for me, evoking all of my demons, and happily mixing them with everyone else's sweat. It was on the floor of a Blood Brothers show that I'd understand.

That all ended after 2003's Burn Piano Island, Burn. One of the best albums I've ever heard, I couldn't imagine them getting any better. I was right.

Please, guys. Please let this be one big joke...

That is a pretty nifty little job with the mandolin in "Metronomes," but that's probably because I'm Greek, you know...


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