Stuff Yawn?

Sufjan. I just don't understand. The people I associate with either:
1. talk of him obsessively, but make fun of him to no end
2. have never heard of him
3. have heard all about him but never heard his music
4. own his music like its a give-in, but never mention his name and respond to inquiries of their opinion on his music with an average of, "eh...it's good."

I don't know where I fit in, and now Mr. Stevens is about to release another record about another state and go on another tour. The indie rockerati is creaming in their tight jeans, and I'm still listening to Page France and A Silver Mt. Zion going "Wha happen'd?"

Well, as I said, he's touring again. Go:

Mon. Sept. 11: Nashville, TN, Ryman
Fri. Sept. 15: Austin, TX, Paramount Theater
Sat. Sept. 16: Austin, TX, Paramount Theater
Tue. Sept. 19: New Orleans, LA, House of Blues
Weds. Sept. 20: Atlanta, GA, Fox Theater (PASTE Fest)
Thu. Sept. 21: Chapel Hill, NC, Memorial Hall
Sat. Sept. 23: Indianapolis, IN, Egyptian Theater
Sun. Sept. 24: St. Louis, MO, The Pageant
Mon. Sept. 25: Milwaukee, WI, Pabst Theater
Tue. Sept. 26: Chicago, IL, The Riviera
Thu. Sept. 28: Philadelphia, PA, The Towers
Fri. Sept. 29: New York, NY, Town Hall
Sat. Sept. 30: New York, NY, Town Hall
Mon. Oct. 9: Los Angeles, CA, The Wiltern
Weds. Oct. 11: San Francisco, CA, Zellerbach Hall
Fri. Oct. 13: Portland, OR, Crystal Ballroom
Sat. Oct. 14: Vancouver, BC, St. Andrews Cathedral
Sun. Oct. 15: Seattle, WA, Paramount

P.S. Does he really love "teh Jesus" that much?

P.P.S. Yeah, I know...I'm just not getting it. Someday...


Dany said...

ouch, i got unlinked!

Onward Charles said...

I never thought you'd notice.

There were reasons, but I have forgiven you.

You want back on the guestlist?

Anonymous said...

Why does this blogger hate our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ? Or as you called Him, "teh jesus."

Dany said...

I would like to be your +1

I am really bad at updating my links, but maybe next time I will add you

Queen of Sheba said...

What d'you think of Iron & Wine? Their vocal style is similarly gentle & precious like Sufjan's, without any of his quirkiness or sense of humor. I still don't much care for I&W (unless they're paired with Calexico), but I'm coming around to Mr. Stevens, at least for easy-listening purposes.

Kiki S. said...

I personally am a big fan of Sufjan and his music, and this might come as bias...but trust me, he is not anything like a typical Christian band where they say Jesus five million times. Sufjan has a more subtle way of proclaiming his faith and also shows all aspects, when people doubt and the anger from loss.
You can't really pin down Sufjan, you have to listen to him by totally getting into it.
Give it try! :]