(Chris) Clark

One of the best of the IDM genre has been undergoing a transformation. Chris Clark, who is now going by the simpler moniker of Clark, released records during his initial time with Warp Records that have turned classic. 2001's Clarence Park is a mind-bending ride through a forestation of sound. Both Empty The Bones Of You and Ceramics Is The Bomb are equally noteworthy, whether you're looking to concentrate, jog, or sleep. I'd say he's atmospheric, but his music is less prone to inducing long periods of introspection and meditation, rather than being a gentle, friendly push from behind to keep you moving forward...and satisfied in doing so.

Clark has been counting down to the release of his new record, Body Riddle, with a website that will release mp3's over the course of a the next few weeks. You can find that here, at http://www.throttleclark.com

Though the Broadcast reinterpretation that's now available is a great and accurate track, it's "Ted," which is now on his MySpace page, that conveys both Clark past and future. A twist on his old style of festival-like syncopation and metallic, factory sound combined with beats that possess a staccato that imply...dancing? Still, I want more.

Definitely the groundwork for some fantastic remixes.

Audible: Clark - "Herr Barr (Clark/Broadcast)"
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/throttleclark

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