Dark Side Of The [Beverly Hills] Cop

First, it was the name: Dark Side Of The Cop. Then, it was the record itself, which made me smirk in surprise at the sound of the opening "Detroit (Prelude)." Whaaat on earth is this? I thought. "Stuck In The Darkness" picks up, and it's simply awesome. Just the right amount of synth-heaviness atop several rhythms mashed together in harmony that sound like Radiohead on a hefty amount of happy pills after a night of great sex.

I can't get enough of "Paradise Lost And Found," and it was upon first hearing that sixth track that I took a look at songwriter Marco Panella's biography. Turns out the record was originally conceived as a soundtrack to "Beverly Hills Cop" (yes, the 80s movie) with the intention fo synching it up much like the stoner phenomenon of pairing "Wizard Of Oz" with Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. Only, you know, intentional.

Tour Dates!
09/01 Los Angeles, CA KXLU (in-studio)
09/02 Ventura, CA Buffalo Records (in-store)
09/02 Hollywood, CA Lava Lounge
09/08 Alma, CO South Park Music Festival
09/13 San Francisco, CA Rickshaw Stop
09/30 Boston, MA Paradise Lounge
10/12 Brooklyn, NY Matchless

Audible: Dark Side Of The Cop - "Shaky Little Rules"
Website: http://www.darksideofthecop.com

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