Jesus Came Up Through the Ground So Dirrrrty (Part 3)

Damn! I was just about to go to sleep until I remember that I'd mentioned Page France playing in Boston again last Saturday. It now being 12:45am the following Thursday morning, well, better late than never, right?

Allow me to declare my undying love for this band once again. I've done so here aaaand here already, so I'll make this as short as possible.

The band, recently signed to Suicide Squeeze, was sandwiched between Silversun Pickups and Age Rings on last Saturday's bill. The prior are exploding, and about to appear in Rolling Stone, and the latter is a local band who are probably among the best I've heard in my explorations into home-baked goods. (But we're talking about music, not bread, right?)

Right. Anyway. Page France. They seemed to be short a member this time, but the key players were still there. Though frontman Michael Nau was walking around in plain attire before taking the stage, he was once again wearing the neck-to-ankle denim attire. (Honestly, he is the only man that can work the denim jeans vs. denim button up shirt gig.) Adorned with a smartass Tom Waits-esque bowler hat, they seemed a bit uncomfortable at first. Rushing through their two best songs - "Junkyard" and "Jesus" - at the very beginning, Nau started to ease up and...for a first in Boston...swear. A lot. "Jesus came up from the ground so fucking dirrrrrrtyyyyy" he emphasized. It didn't stop there.

Page France is subtlely addictive. The formula is simple: they're the kind of band that draws you in the first time you see them live. When you go to hear the recordings, it leaves you only wanting more, until you find that you can't imagine making any other plans on nights that they happen to return to your town. Don't miss this band when they come your way.

august 10 - the jazz cooker / indianapolis, in
august 11 - TBA / bloomington, in
august 12 - rogue / indianapolis, in
august 13 - schubas / chicago, il (w/ silversun pickups)

Website: http://www.pagefrance.net


robbie dee said...

Looks like that guy's sporting a Canadian tuxedo to me.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » » »