Life At The End Of The Bowery

There will definitely be an interview with Matt Rivera of Moose Productions in the near future, but for now I'm more than pleased to present White House Film as it nears the end of its final editing stage.

With select screenings in September, and a probable event with the TriBeCa Film Festival in December, the White House Film has been in total existence for several years. I could be mistaken, but I'd say late 2003? This is definitely a project that will attract the heart of New York as many areas are turned over to ugly glass high-rise apartments (Astor Place), fancy, misplaced Whole Foods (Bowery), and the relocation of CBGB's to Las Vegas in September.

"In the past, the White House Hotel used to be a place where people would simply go to sleep for the night. It was meant for people who could not afford a monthly rent, but who could maintain enough cash flow to barely stay off the streets. The flophouse is still considered such a place, albeit a little different. It is located on the historical Bowery of New York City, an area once infamous for its brothels, flophouses and saloons. Up until the 1970s, the hotel was for White people only, hence the name. Residents sleep in four by six foot rooms, big enough for one cot. These rooms have no ceiling of their own, and are placed side by side, connected above by chicken wire. The stories from the flop are often sad, tales of broken down families, estrangement and addiction. It's the last stop for many."

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