Tick Tock Invasion

Damn. I've only listening to this track once, and it's already stuck in my head. San Diego's Clockwork Army are a new addition to the southern california indie-folk scene. Apparently, they'd never planned on making music, starting a band, and taking it as far as they have, but it's a good thing it all ended up such a way.

It looks, at this point, that they've only got one tour date in their hometown, but hopefully they'll venture eastward in the near future. Admittedly, I've heard the rest of the EP, and singer Emily Neveau's vocal and piano mix in the slower "Read Me A Story" remarkably mesmerizing. Her voice is drenched in everything I've always wanted to love about Natalie Merchant combined with this Tom Waits-like ferocity.

I'd imagine it's one unbelievably good live show.

Audible: Clockwork Army - "Can't Hold It Down"
Label Website: The Clockwork Army

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