Morning Meltdown

My stomach just folded over itself as I was on my last spoon of cereal. Going through my e-mail, I'd overlooked the subject "Ellen Allien US + Canadian Dates." Woah - a la Keanu - is a good descriptive of my reaction.

Having just released a split single with Audion on Spectral, she's now touring with ex-love Apparat and doing only a handful of North American dates.

Aug 31 @ Hiro Ballroom, NYC - who's coming with me?
Sep 1 @ Circa, Toronto
Sep 2 @ Sat, Montreal
Sep 3 @ Smart Bar, Chicago

September 18th also brings a clear 12" vinyl remix collection of the "Jet" single, off Ellen & Apparat's latest full-length collaboration, Orchestra Of Bubbles. This and all Bpitch Control products can be purchased at the main site, listed below. (Don't be lazy, scroll!)

As far as the split single with Detroit-based Matthew Dear (Audion), the Ghostly International label has a page where you can sample, read, buy, and look at album art. Basically, they did my job for me: *click*

What a great piece of news to wake up to.

Website: http://www.bpitchcontrol.de

Sidenote: The Ill-Ec-Tro-Nic is one of my favorite blogs of which I've come across within the last few days. Sure, it's been around much longer, but I swear I'm still recovering from (a) Seattle and (b) a very chaotic first weekend back in Boston.

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