Pop N' E-Lock

Luca Venezia's been a busy, busy boy. With the release of We Never Sleep this past May, there've been a slew of parties going on around New York City with both Cut crew and Mad Suspect. In all of this time, though, he's managed to make a music video for the track "E-Lock," from the latest album. It's a hand-over-mouth, wide-eyed with a smile kind of humor. Amateur dancing superhero? It's all about the goofy hotness...and fabulous sneakers.

I should really go back and listen to this album more. After all, it's the record that confronted me with the fact that I don't live fearlessly enough, and we all need one of those sort of motivators at least once a year, right?

Of all his projects, the newest collective is Trouble & Bass, which also includes Shadetek and Mathhead, which is the first Saturday of every month at Boogaloo in New York City. I'll be checking it out this upcoming September. Hopefully, I can provide some scandalous photos as well. Sweet ass flier here.

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